One Thing after Another

I hail from an outlying area in Illinois. Rural life is fast disappearing in this country as people move to the city or even the suburbs, hence the need to preserve small town America. This cause has become my life. I have earmarked a couple of local buildings for historical status and am working hard to persuade the town council. They are the powers that be and they are not easy to convert to my point of view. As much as they love the town and its unique style of architecture, not every building gets special status. I am very committed and sometimes I get a bit stressed out when things don’t go my way which brings out a few nervous tics. We all have something that gives away our mood like wringing our hands, shaking our legs while seated, coughing at odd times, or what not. I have trichotillomania. What? Yes, this is a real condition. There are people who pull their hair out all of the time, creating horrible bald spots. When one thing after another goes wrong, I unconsciously pick at my eyelashes. The poor things get thin. I wouldn’t call if a bald spot exactly, but it is obvious that a few are missing. Now I get even more stressed out wondering if they will grow back.

Imagine wasting your time pondering this problem, but I do want to know the answer. I did a bit of research and the answer to my question is a fortunate yes. Eyelashes do grow back although it takes time according to Eyelashes to Die For. Women can wear false extensions in the interim but I just put up with it. I will give it three or four months before I panic and go to the dermatologist. He can prescribe a solution that I will put on my eyelids twice a day to regrow lost hairs. People who pull out the hair on their heads have to just stop. There is always Rogaine for men and women if you need restoration after the fact. Of course, I have to stop my bad destructive habit. Some people scratch their skin and some overeat or drink to combat nervous tension. Articles on the Web say to get a shrink. Yikes. Am I a basket case? I think I might try hypnosis. It is the perfect treatment for trichotillomania I read. If you have it done by a professional, the odd habit will cease and not come back.

When something causes stress, you have to get a grip. I need to take my own advice. It takes time to get approval for historical status. The council will surely come around. There are only so many buildings in our town and it is obvious that they need to be restored and protected. If I present a calm demeanor, perhaps I will have better luck. Nervous people make others retreat. The focus on the issue at hand is obscured. So don’t touch those eyelashes. I repeat this mantra daily.