My New Year’s Resolution

I am on a mission to save my town. I can’t do it single handedly, but I can do a lot of promotion and spreading the word to others. I can do research and provide data and vital information to builders, designers, and architects. I can keep building owners apprised of the important issues at stake. In essence, I am a one-man public relations band with a message of vital importance. Sometimes, I get so fully absorbed in the whole enterprise, however that I neglect my own health. I don’t think it is a bad thing to be obsessed by something that requires attention, but on the other hand, if I am not at my best, I cannot provide good counsel on the subject.

Some projects and situations sit idle and no one takes the reigns. When it falls in your lap, you know you have a responsibility. I actually elected to become a spokesperson for renovation in my region and I didn’t balk at all at the task. The time is ripe for motivating others to the matter at hand. Urban decay, literally and metaphorically, should be the enemy within. In the meantime, I am taking a look at my lack of diet and exercise that is starting to compromise my health.

When you gain a few pounds and it is out of the ordinary for you, it is often because you are not going to the gym or on those long power walks. Your brain has been absorbed by other things and the weight gain hasn’t registered. Now that I have noticed it after the holidays in particular, I am going to take quick action. The first order of business is to buy a bathroom scale.

When you don’t own one, you can kid yourself about your clothes not fitting and make excuses. When you jump on a nice, new digital model, the truth be told and action must be implemented. I am going to take time out of my busy schedule to learn to eat better and drop those pounds fast. I owe it to my cause to get in shape so I can pursue more important issues.

The best approach in my mind is to be disciplined and methodical. You set before you a regime to follow to the letter. It can consist of a lower calorie diet than you are used to and a day or two more of exercise in combination. You use the scale as a benchmark of your success. You have to be realistic about goals of course and not expect overnight magic. A few pounds a week is a good objective.

I am looking forward to a new me in the New Year. We all make resolutions, but mine will be a keeper. I don’t want health issues to mar my ability to move forward with my cause. Weight can creep up on you if you don’t heed the warnings and cause stress on the body and the mind—no matter your age. I don’t want to even approach the subject of rampant obesity in America!